Jackson Dyer Shares Visual for CBSKY

Jackson Dyer is looking to secure his place in the musical spectrum with CBSKY.

Taking the road less travelled, Jackson is originally from Australia, before spending a number of years in the cultural hub of Berlin. It’s this journey that influences his music. Centred around the conflicting emotions that many feel at the start of any great journey, CBSKY is a song of transition, hope and yearning for what lies beyond the horizon.

Starting with soft guitars and also a light drum rhythm, CBSKY inspires a playful and optimistic tone. Positivity is an important factor of the song, and having honed his sound to a captivating poetic, folk production, Dyer’s latest release gives him a head-turning edge that demands to be heard.

“I wrote CBSKY focusing on the dramatic and often senseless changes and trials that life brings. Facing many doubts and challenges in my own life, CBSKY took shape over a period of a month, in a small coastal village a few hours north of Sydney, Australia…and helped me reach the understanding that change is inevitable, and that the discomfort it causes will recede with time”.