Julie Elody – Come Down

New Orleans based singer-songwriter Julie Elody is making waves yet again, with the release her latest single “Come Down,” which marks the fourth track of Julie’s as a solo artist.

Born out of the frustration and emotional rollercoaster that arose from the breakup of her previous college band, a funk rock group called The Fake Carls, “Come Down” grapples with the concept of feeling subconsciously tied to a rocky relationship you know doesn’t work … but just can’t seem to let go of.

“Before I went solo I was in a band back in college. Everybody thought we were the real deal but we didn’t stand the test of time… I was devastated when we broke up and I ended up writing these lyrics about knowing something is a bad idea but continuing to go back to it over and over again.” – Julie Elody

Rich in catharsis and her usual infectious vocal melodies, the track combines a somewhat Hip-Hop flavour with attention-grabbing synths and deceptively catchy, yet earnest lyrics, all encased within the easily digestible form of a Dance-Pop song, in true Julie Elody style.

Coming from a place of emotional honesty and taking form as an upbeat, club friendly dance track with a wide appeal, “Come Down” is a great pop song and one we’re excited to share!