Jamila Woods is “VRY BLK”

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Artists from all over the music world have been crafting songs to invigorate and heal the infuriated, suffering masses as people continue to fall prey to police brutality. Songwriter, musical artist, activist and poet Jamila Woods—known for her work with Chance the Rapper—is the latest artist to contribute to the cause with “VRY BLK,” a single from her recently released HEAVN album.

The song is timely for 2016, but the past two weeks in particular have made her seraphic, resilient vocals a much-needed affirmation. The booming 808s and whippy lead melody was crafted in tandem by OddCouple and Kweku Collins. Woods’ ethereal vocals are paired with a verse from Chicagoan NoName Gypsy, who employs a melodic, spoken-wordesque flow to astutely break down the continued ignorance of self-serving politicians in the wake of continuous tragedy. The two succeed in calling the system out on their BS without sacrificing the empowering vibe of the song.

Where some artists have crafted irked anthems ripe for intense demonstration, “VRY BLK” is apt for a playlist while taking a rejuvenating walk in the park.You an stream below.