Joe Barksdale – “Black Magik”

Post Author: Myles Hunt

NFL player and blues singer/guitarist has a bright future in music

Let music cure all these days. The jamming days of spring are right around the corner and listeners are anxiously seeking the next collection of tunes to dance to. Luckily, fans will not have to look far for some pure indie-blues inspiration. NFL player Joe Barksdale is a jack of all trades beyond the sport, and he proves it with the release of his new track “Black Majik”. His skill at his guitar, with licks to admire, gives this fascinating musician a unique foundation in the music space. 

“Black Magik” is aptly described by Barksdale as “[a] song … about temptation. It’s about fighting temptations, and the struggle of realizing that something is not good for you, but also acknowledging that it feels, tastes, sounds, etc so good to you. It’s a struggle that people are familiar with and something that people go through on a daily basis.” Some temptation is worth it as Mr. Barksdale’s career has proudly shown. His main genre of choice lies within blues, rock and soul. He honors them all well while off the field of that wild sport that is American football.  

Whirring twangs of the guitar enter the sound waves followed by his booming vocals. It is a seance within the blues. Listeners are spellbound to keep on listening and do not resist. “Black Magik” offers a genuine tribute to the classic blues riffs in 2020 flair. Fans of the medium will note his attention and dedication to the craft. His continuous licks and rhythm beckons a musical sorcerer to challenge him. Joe’s solo is untamed and filled with a cacophony of the most pleasant sounds. Fans will bob their heads with ease while waiting for the train or to simply walk down the street. Joe Barksdale’s “Black Magik” is the blessing of the day. Give it a spin below.