Joey Bada$$ and Ab-Soul b-side the Waves single

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Joey Bada$$, Ab-Soul

Why purchase the “Waves” single on iTunes when you got that shit free by downloading the 1999 mixtape months ago, you ask? Simple answer: Joey Bada$$ feat. Ab-Soul, “Enter The Void” (produced by Lee Bannon).

With all the time Bada$$ is spending with Bannon, who's his tour DJ and kicks it with Joey on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, it was inevitable the two would drop a track, if not an entire mixtape, together. Dedicated to the new generation of lost souls, Bada$$ and Soul encourage third eye vision by keeping “ya motherfucking chakras open”. For those not up on their Hindi/Buddhist principles, chakra is the center of the body in which all the sources of energy originate from. You can't find chakras through autopsy, it requires the all seeing eye. Soul and Bada$$$ see clearly. Whether it's through spirituality, puffing loud, or a recognition that drugs and fast food are poison, they still got their mind right.

Shout out to Gimme The Lute.

Get the Waves single on iTunes.