Jon McKiel, "Conduit"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Memorial Ten Count is the latest album by Nova Scotia artist Jon McKiel.  McKiel and his band, Shawn Dicey (bass), Aaron Mangle (drummer), Jay Crocker (lead guitarist and producer) have created an album of ten songs that is a perfect follow-up to his previous self-titled EP in 2014.
“Conduit” has the raw sound that a great rock song possesses – crisp and loud instrumentals with enticing lyrics.
Quote from bio:
“McKiel digs into the struggles of connecting with others, and with one’s own prescribed identity. The tenderhearted gem “Still Remain” pours over with such concerns: “I wanna leave this reflection/I wanna bury the names/And when we leave a transmission/there can be some mistakes.”

Memorial Ten Count, which takes its’ name from the tolling of the bell ten times at the beginning of a bout to honor someone who has recently died in the boxing community, will be released March 10th. It is available for preorder via You’ve Changed and Headless Owl.