Joseph Coward, “Peanut Girl”

Post Author: Emily Chu
joseph coward

Joseph Coward is not new to this rodeo we call the music industry. He released his debut EP Animal Sweethearts in 2010, and has been producing work for his own label (Stiffy Byng), Blank Editions and O-Genesis since then. Collaborations of note include projects with Tim Burgess, James Spencer, and Thurston Moore, among others. His first full-length LP, The World Famous Joseph Coward, was released in 2014. Ready to step back into the spotlight, he has plans to release a new LP titled Win Big Prizes on October 24th. We have the exclusive premiere for the lead single off his upcoming work.

“Peanut Girl” is a happy tune accompanied by the strum of a guitar and uptempo beat of the drums, featuring The Duke Spirit’s Olly Betts on drums and percussion. The 24 year old’s voice is low and energetic as he sings of girls, desire, and love. He speaks in words everyone can understand, expressing himself with lyrics like “I will undress you with my eyes/And then use my hands/Cuz love is best when undressed, so let’s go.” “Peanut Girl” is ultimately his pet name for the woman for whom the song is sung, a sweet sentiment from a smitten young man. In a nutshell, it is a happy-go-filthy make-out jam that will cause beads of sweat to break out on the faces of fans of The Clean, Inspiral Carpets and Belle and Sebastian

“Peanut Girl” was produced by both Coward and Betts in London.

Win Big Prizes is out October 24th via Stiffy Byng.