Josh Ward Taylor, “Tired Of Running”

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Maryland’s folk rock artist Josh Ward Taylor has been regaling fans with his soulful, enrapturing music for quite some time now. We’ve been waiting for new material from him since his full length Carolina Trees was released in 2012, and we are elated to know he has a new album set to release this year. “Tired Of Running” is his newest single, and we have the exclusive premiere right here.

Although we later found out Josh Ward Taylor has actually been compared to Springsteen before, it is obvious off the bat in this single why. His raspy, endearing vocals are the culprit. But “Tired Of Running” boasts not only those vibey vocals, but also a gorgeous piano composition to open and euphoric guitar riffs that set it apart from other releases we have been covering as of late. Lyrically, the song calls into question some very important thoughts that people often feel, including how many feel “heavy inside”. In essence, he’s offering help to the misguided. And we find that help in the warmth of this track.

“‘Tired Of Running’ is, at its core, a love song rooted in that conflicting fear of letting life happen to us naturally with the possibility of things not working out the way we planned, or choosing to escape before it happens,” elaborates Taylor. “We sometimes find ourselves constantly on guard with a tendency to run from what we’re afraid of instead of confronting it head on, with someone by our side.  This song is meant to give strength to those who don’t want to keep hiding from their fears.”