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The best way to hear about new music isn’t always through music blogs or websites like trusty Impose. Really, the best way to hear about new music is to talk to musicians, those who are touring and being exposed to new scenes and meeting people from all around the world. Real-life exposure is always more trustworthy than a paragraph on a blog. So when members of Radiator Hospital, a band whose members have very credible musical tastes, tweeted about Joyride!, a fuzzy guitar pop band, I immediately checked them out (thus is the power of the internet).

The San Francisco based trio released their self-titled LP back in 2013, and are now returning with the stellar Bodies of Water LP, out through Salinas on September 18. The emotion in Bodies of Water is subtle, hidden behind unshakeable hooks, but their catchy, genuine lyrics will infect your brain pretty much instantly. Songs like “Slow Release” and “Small Talk” are charged with the brand of honesty that will appeal to fans of  Swearin’, All Dogs, and Radiator Hospital. To say that listening to Joyride! is, well, a joy ride is cheesy and obvious, but it really could not be a more accurate description.

We asked Jenna from Joyride! a few questions to help them make your acquaintance!

Introduce yourselves!

We’re Joyride! and Eugene plays bass, Jason plays drums, and I play guitar and sing.

How did you guys meet?

The three of us met in high school. We all went to different schools but Jason and Eugene were both in bands that would play shows together, and the three of us were often at the same shows and hung out in the same group of friends. We started playing music together in 2010 when we all lived in the same neighborhood in San Francisco.

Do you have a favorite moment on Bodies of Water?

I  especially love the feedback at the beginning of jump start, don’t forget the first one when the guitars drop out, the end of word of the day, and the transition between “Open Curtain” and “Bodies of Water”.

What are your favorite things about living in San Francisco? 

The best things about San Francisco are the fog and the architecture.

What does the future have in store for Joyride!, besides from the new album?

We’ve haven’t really talked about it, but probably another record some day? I think the three of us all just really like our band and love the songs we write together. We’re not all gonna live together after this upcoming tour but I think we’ll probably slowly put together another album and record it whenever it feels ready.

Pre-order Bodies of Water through Salinas.

Joyride! is embarking on a US tour this fall. Check their Facebook for more information.

18 San Francisco, CA @ The Honey Hive Gallery
21 Arcata, CA
22 Seattle, WA
23 Boise, ID
24 Provo, UT
25 Denver, CO
26 Omaha, NE
27 Iowa City, IA
28 Chicago, IL
29 Bloomington, IN
30 Detroit, MI @ Trumbullplex

01 Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups
02 Pittsburgh, PA @ The Mr. Roboto Project
03 Brooklyn, NY @ The Silent Barn
04 Boston, MA
06 Washington, D.C.
07 Philadelphia, PA @ Wolf Cycles w/ Radiator Hospital, Allison Crutchfield
08 Durham or Raleigh, NC
09 Atlanta, GA
10 Memphis, TN
11 Oklahoma City or Tulsa
12 Albuquerque, NM
13 Phoenix, NM
14 Los Angeles, CA
15 San Francisco, CA