Liam Betson, “Pocket Knife”

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Liam Betson The Cover of Hunter

Liam Betson recently shared an album teaser for the forthcoming The Cover of Hunter, his fourth full-length LP. Now, he's released the first single, “Pocket Knife”, a tightly plotted indiepop poem with the proudest of jangly guitars accompanying Betson's boyish and hopeful vocals.

He implores, “Let there be a consoler, a remover of cares/who places tired heads in the palms of their hands/Let there be someone to draw the gun from Hunter.” The track puts its wisdom foot first, spitting out sophisticated lyrical constructions before devolving into a tireless repeated chorus of “And you are whispering what’s possible/Just imagining what’s possible.” Whether or not the rest of the album will follow in the single's sorcerous footsteps, we can only guess.

The Cover of Hunter is out July 22 on Double Double Whammy.