Little Simz ft. Bibi Bourelly, "Customz"

Post Author: Andre G

Little Simz and Bibi Bourelly are two ascending artists gaining a reputation for their energetic, eclectic sound. Though Little Simz is regarded by many as a grime star, their new “Customz” track is a smooth collab with heavy trap influence. The two trade melodic verses urging people to come along with them and get a “one way ticket to where it’s at.”
The song is a veritable getaway anthem, delivering visceral lines which sell Dubai, Japan, and heading to Thailand for some Pad Thai. “I got my passport stamped and I’m good,” Simz says, riding the chill Astronote production expertly and showing off her raw rhyming chops. Bibi meets her with a soaring chorus, letting the people know, “we be tourin’ you ain’t important.”
The song’s lush saxophone and organs float over the sparse, filtered drum programming, akin to the planes Simz and Bibi relish hopping on. The song is unmastered, but their combined songwriting ability and alluring vocals shine through regardless.
You can stream “Customz” below.