Llovers with their latest release "A Second With You"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Gleaming, sun-soaked synth riffs mesh with melancholic guitars to create a breezy, easy-to-swallow pill of indie rock on Llovers’ latest single, “A Second With You.” It’s a track of yearning, hoping for more time and a total slow down of the world. Charming and infectious, the single displays Llovers’ knack for nostalgic rock with an addictive quality– “A Second With You” is an immediate earworm, so listen on. The Teesside band is comprised of Jack Brooks (vocals/guitar), David Macnab (vocals/guitar), Joe Connor (bass/backing vocals), Matthew Jenkinson (drums), Ben Connor (synths)

Regarding the track, co-frontman Jack Brooks added, “The track is about my own disproportionate response to normal things in everyday life. I think most people my age romanticise so many things. The intention of the track was to celebrate the positively naïve nature of youth, while also poking fun the reality of the outcome, which is actually something that’s just a bit oddly obsessive”.
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