Loden, “Future Confetti with Doseone”

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When Doseone collaborates with producers operating in the portmanteau genre known as folktronica, it triggers a reaction in the Oakland-based rap poet that is often lost in his solo outings and band work, like Subtle or 13&God. It traces back to tracks like “Untitled” and “Do Tell” with Prefuse73, “Mannequin Hand Trapdoor I Reminder” with Boom Bip, and “Glory” with Fog. If you've made a Spotify playlist or mixtape of these erudite asides from Doseone, be sure to add his recent collaboration with Loden, “Future Confetti With Doseone”.

The Belgian known as Loden is a serial collaborator, with bold pairings that have brought CocoRosie into the weird realm of Busdriver and the sonorous Joëlle Lê alongside the folksie blues of Ceschi Ramos. His upcoming record, The Star-Eyed Condition, features guest appearances by Open Mike Eagle, Busdriver, Sole, and Dose One. On “Future Confetti with Doseone”, bare-bone percussion acts a spacious drone for Dose to stack chanted couplets atop his whizzing adlibs. When the keys settle things, Dose supposes theories on his station like “somebody gets a lot of fucking keyboards when I die”. Loden explodes his production with arpeggiated synths that rain on Dose's second round of couplets, embodying the purest idea of confetti and celebratory catharsis.

Loden's The Star-Eyed Condition is out August 20 on Circle Into Square.