Los Angeles Police Department, “Enough Is Enough”

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Los Angeles Police Department

Unlike the actual LAPD, moniker of Ryan Pollie's new project, Los Angeles Police Department, is gaining a fair bit of traction around our parts. Off of the upcoming debut record, Pollie is giving us the only reason we've ever had to not say fuck the police, and really get into this under-two-minute freakflying soft jammer. Its best line is the retro-feeling “she's shaking her stuff” and it give us that vibe of 60s-era groovy parties with girls coyly smiling and sashaying their hips. LAPD might have their moniker a little misplaced, but there is no lack of maleably sweet dedication here, the kind that morphs and bends as the song moves on.

You can stream “Enough Is Enough” below, and pay attention in the coming months for the debut LAPD record, the first single from which can be heard here.