Lubec, “Hard Potential”

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Portland’s Lubec – comprised of Caroline Jackson (keyboard/vocals), Matt Dressen (drums/vocals), and Eddie Charlton (guitar/vocals) – is revving to release their latest work, an album titled Cosmic Debt, on September 30th. We’re celebrating the upcoming release with the exclusive premiere of their new track “Hard Potential”.

This song is a mid-tempo track replete with light instrumentals and no hard bass line to speak of. It’s like a flurry of butterflies are floating around their heads as they sing at them, their voices reverberating off of the wings around them. Perhaps this is an unfair assessment, as the song is largely classified as rock, with intense guitar riffs, and a twist of insane percussion a time or two. “Hard Potential” just operates at such a different frequency than anything we’ve heard in a while, and we’re very taken aback by it.

Cosmic Debt is out September 30th. It is available for preorder now.