Lunxchraps Drops Self-titled Single

Post Author: Andre G

Sometimes it’s best to take a step back, recollect, and rebrand as an artist. There have been several artists in recent years who have done just that. The latest is Chicago’s Lunxchraps, formerly known as Sage The 64th Wonder. Lunxch changed his name, but his skills are intact. He let us know in February with his “Breathe” single, and he’s re-confirming with an eponymous single in which “he’s just having fun,” as he said over e-mail.
Lunxch rhymes deliberately over a doomed, claustrophobic soundscape, using his bassy voice to further set a claustrophobic vibe. His lyrics are anything but dark though, as his dexterous, rapidfire flow whips off of thunderous 808s and reverb. “On my own sh*t so I don’t know what y’all been hearing/ never gave into the hype of what these n—- hearing,” he reminds. We look forward to hearing more Lunxch’s raps on his upcoming EP, which will be released in April.