Master Butcher, DeathWish

Post Author: Ian Schneider

Musical conglomerate Master Butcher is about to release its EP titled Deathwish. Though it comes with a dark connotation in its name, its tracks are lively in stark contrast. Master Butcher consists of three bay area musicians/producers that have numerous credits, including for the likes of Toro y Moi, Kflay, Banks, and Philip Philips. This gritty and twisted music, however, is nothing like the previous works that these artists have done alone. Together they are Master Butcher, a group that experiments with a multitude of sounds and emotional swings throughout their songs.
Initial tracks “Intro” and “Heavy” give the perfect taste of what’s to come from this unique trio. The distorted guitar and other rock aspects of “Intro” give them edge, while there is shift from this rough flow to a more melodic and contemporary rock song within “Heavy”. With no vocals, the focus is purely on the music, creating a vibe similar to that of Daft Punk.
It all continues into “Take Flight”, with percussion that makes us think Travis Barker was in on all of this. “OO OO OO” is a little more space-like, providing whirring instrumentals and intricate percussion to really drive us into the solar system. They round it out with “Desert Beach”, a more tranquil vibe established from the very beginning as it develops into this gorgeous, layered track.

As Stefon from the infamous Saturday Night Live sketch would say, “This EP has everything!” Be on the lookout for more from this ground breaking project.