Mike Caridi and the Glow, Lose

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Lose is the new lo-fi pop EP release from guitarist and vocalist Mike Caridi of Brooklyn’s beloved indie-rock band LVL UP. As The Glow, Caridi’s indistinguishable vocal style and mellow croon conveys an emotional urgency and heartfelt nostalgia. The EP was recorded at Ex-Double Double Whammy headquarters and Brooklyn house venue David Blaine’s The Steak House. In the span of six songs, Caridi traverses the varying themes of longing, uncertainty and the pains of heartbreak to the highs of love.

A solitary acoustic riff opens the track, “Beamer,” as Caridi creates a narrative full of nostalgia and recollection. “Beamer” is one of the several tracks on the EP that feature the elegantly crafted vocals harmonies from Montana Levy (of Sharpless). Steady drums amped up by crunchy, loud guitars elevate the ending of the song as Caridi repeats, “I’ll see you in my backseat dreams because my memory escapes me.” Short confessions are turned into catchy, pop hooks that are heightened with both a lushness and austerity.

Caridi pines for a deep self-reflection with the head-bashing single “Roof” that folds gentle moments of contemplation with rock-steady guitars, crashing drums. Blissfully, floating from song to song, the instrumental track “Birds” resounds with maturity for both instrumental sense and space. Nick Corbo (of LVL UP, Crying) is also featured on the EP playing drums on tracks “Roof” and “Birds” and keyboards on “Lose” and “Birds”. A throaty, Stephen Malkmus-esque track “Death” is a confessional track that honors the feelings of melancholy, despondency and love as Caridi reflects, “Do you still love me too when I leave you in the room.”