Milo partnered up with Lee Bannon

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I dabble in A&R much like I think I know what's best for the Sacramento Kings franchise, my acquisitions and partnership suggestions are never heard. For awhile though, when Lee Bannon lived three blocks away, I would be on three way calls with him and Milo. I had introduced the two via email when Milo asked for suggestions on producers to work with, since Anticon gave him the C&D letter on Baths beats.

As it stands now, Lee Bannon is Joey Bada$$'s DJ, lives in Brooklyn, and is about to tour a few dates in Europe, while Milo stays in Wisconsin, finishes school, and recently wrapped a double EP that is rumored to have a label – he's finalizing the paperwork. The two could not be further from making a record together. It sucks. It sucks a lot because their chemistry in sound was jaw-dropping. It also sucks because Milo told me he wrote me into a verse. The song rests on a harddrive somewhere, unfinished (probably not even mixed), and I can't write that honor into my accolades journal next to “get a shout out in the liner notes of a rap record”, which I do have.

As I hold out hope that the Lee Bannon and Milo record comes together in the future, I only have “Organon” to offer (via Needle Drop). Lee Bannon begins in his minimalist, atmospheric trance style, only to jolt the production into a Blue Note basement session, and this is what I mean by jaw-dropping. Milo continued his anti-jiggy, non-violence resistence with “You can pop bottles with models, in fancy bars / I'll be reading Aristotle in the morning / dancing with the stars”, proving he's the Gandhi of this rap shit. As the beat changes though, Milo shouts out Big K.R.I.T., who's connected with Bada$$ through Cinematic, with the couplet “K.R.I.T. wrote a song called 'The Vent' / and my conscious expanded through a hole in my tent”, letting us know he's still a fan of rap to some degree. It still has the power to move him beyond being a source of dissatisfaction.