Miss Jupiter, “Cosmic Child”

Emily Chu

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Based in Los Angeles, Miss Jupiter is a band that’s its own brand of psychedelic rock. They dress in self made costumes on stage, and their energy in a live show is electric. Made up of Michelle Rose, Rachel Fannan, Angelica Tavella, and Quincy Larsen, this group has just released a new track.

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The new song is called “Cosmic Child.” It starts out with a scream / howl that I was not expecting, and it certainly got my attention. From there, the track simmers into a laid back, saunter-y groove. The instrumentals haze together and the vocals melt into them, with an almost pouty attitude.

“‘Cosmic Child’ is about re-igniting that spark we all had as children,” explains Miss Jupiter. “The spark of curiosity which fills us with wonder at the world, making us happy and content to just experience life, knowing that the entire universe is cradling us throughout it all.”  

Miss Jupiter will play Hi Hat September 8th with Stars At Night, Rosechild, and The Bomb.

Along with the first single, “Sunshine/It’s All In You”, this track will be released as a cassette single by Lolipop Records on September 16th. There will be a limited number of physical copies at the Hi Hat show.

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