Mixtape #6: Happy Birthday!

Rachel Coleman

Birthdays are so exciting.

Guess what's happening this weekend?


It's my favorite holiday… MY BIRTHDAY.

The one day of the year I'm allowed to be extra annoying and make people do what I want them to do.

Well, this year, one of the things I really want to make you do is listen to a mix of only songs that I really like.

It includes my favorite band of all time (The Beatles, duh) and a song from each band that's playing at my birthday party and other songs that are just generally awesome.

So listen to it and love it because it's my birthday and I said so!

Pop Jew Mixtape #6:
01 Jaockanory Stories – Television Personalities
02 Nothing To Hide – Yo La Tengo
03 With A Girl Like You – The Troggs
04 Please Please Me – The Beatles
05 Girl On The Side – Brian's Dirty Business
06 Baby I – Jaill
07 Butterfly Knife – Daniel Pujol
08 Penelope – Of Montreal
09 I Don't Love Anyone – Belle & Sebastian
10 Forget It Claudia – The Cavemen Go
11 Sexy Weekend – Leg Sweeper
12 40 Nugs – Ghost Mall
13 Popgun – Bats
14 Tell It (In My Ear) – Fergus & Geronimo
15 Tights – Country Teasers
16 Can't Make Me Cry – Guinea Worms
17 World War III – Home Blitz
18 Revenge (Not Tonight) – Knight School
19 Cocoon – Moonmen On The Moon, Man
20 Highway Memorial Shrine – Nodzzz
21 This Will Be Our Year – Zombies
22 Summer's Ending – Steve Goldberg

Download the whole thing here.

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