Mo Kolours, EP2: Banana Wine

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Mo Kolours makes music in his home in South London and is releasing a trio of limited edition records on One-Handed Music. Number two is sold out on vinyl, but the free download is up and running and worth every kilobyte of bandwidth it will take to download. Mo is of Mauritanian descent, and African rhythms prevail throughout the record, but they are switched and swapped and molded with care into rhythms that have suavity and style in spades. The bass is so muted it sounds like it's coming from upstairs, but it persists in holding time with a dubby softness that moves the dancer's shoulders and lowers the dancer's head while simultaneously raising her eyes to look at you darkly. The title track,”Banana Wine” has a picked melody over a synthed-handclap beat that is simultaneously louche and sunny. The addition of a few well-placed funk samples just sweetens the deal; this record will be perfect for the beach this summer.

Get the free download (you get added to Mo's mailing list for your trouble) or listen below.