More Giraffes release "Basement"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Mark Hadley and Keeley Bumford just want to create fun, joyful music– and who could blame them? Social media can feel clogged with images of destruction and messages of hate, and the two come together as musical duo More Giraffes– and their debut, “Basement” embodies the happier side of social media. “Basement” evokes beach days, slushies at 7-Eleven, and campfires with your pals– good times only, an outlet of joy for your ears to resort to when the apps drag you down. The duo added, “Basement is our version of chill pop, complete with original synth sounds and pitched up vocal samples. The song is about the beauty of being loved even when you’re a belligerent hot mess heading straight for a shame spiral.”

Focusing on love and immersing yourself in it is what makes the track so enjoyable– self-esteem is a constant struggle, but with the tracks of More Giraffes, it just got a lot easier. The future of More Giraffes is sure to be a carefree, sun-soaked, unapologetic one– keep up with them here.