Grouper, “Hold”

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Grouper's music haunts me, and I know it always will… I hate to be jumping on the bandwagon, as many music websites have already typed up numerous adjective-heavy articles about this track already, but as a fan, I couldn't keep silent after hearing “Hold.”

The first time I heard Grouper, way back in '07 when Raven Sings The Blues posted about her album Cover The Windows And The Walls, it was dense layers of sound that melted my brain into a puddle within my skull. Each new song froze my liquid mind
into sparkling crystals that exploded me in and out of mini-comas. It was immediately gripping, and Liz Harris has always managed to keep my attention, washing my brain with whispering, drifting songs.

Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill enchanted with wisps of cotton white melodies dragging themselves through reverb heaven. It was breathy, warm, and welcoming; like some intense godhead yawn. I, like everyone else, was hooked on this signature sound. It was a sound of seasons changing. It was an androgynous, ever-morphing wall of spells coated in a membrane of tones and drones and voice and… Yeah, it's pretty intense. Everything came and went and I was there, laying down, taking it all in. Absorbing + Enjoying the space this music created.

So few days ago, I like everyone else clicked around on my laptop and listened the new Grouper track, “Hold” via Soundcloud. I was amazed, just as I had expected. It's not like homegirl is drastically shifting gears with what she's doing. It's not about that. She doesn't have to change a thing. She has built her sound, it's beautiful and moves around, changing in its own way, and I could not be happier about that.

GROUPER — Hold by ROOM40