Mr. Yote, “Golden Bell”

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Although it’s a rough cut with no foreseeable home beyond the soundcloud-osphere, Mr. Yote’s “Golden Bell” sounds transmitted from a fairy tale land in 64-bit, like a stumbling into the lair of an ogre king from Banjo-Kazooie. It takes a true outsider to write a verse to untampered production that seems far more fit for a journey into a hobbit’s village than the arena of hip hop. Yet, Mr. Yote proceeds with “Golden Bell” as though nothing is awry.

“Where was I?/ the middle of the story”, he determines mid-verse. With no percussion to ground Mr. Yote, it’s lovely how his mind floats from the eureka of finding oneself in medias res, to tangents on how his tight knit crew will take their alliance to the graveyard.