New Silk Flowers, “Band of Colors”

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Ian Curtis baritone haters need not apply to this track, but for the rest of us, try having just one listen.

Silk Flowers continues to be the sleeper cell inside Brooklyn's revolving scene, and this new single scrapes off any last vestiges of flab and second-guessing from the trio's regimen. Recorded by budding pop queen Amanda Warner (a.k.a. MNDR), the track is a flawless uptempo synth pop ballad and leaves Silk Flowers ready to blow some Glassland walls out… with their smooth beats.

Silk Flowers, “Band of Colors” (Single Version) (Prod. by MNDR)

The track ends abruptly, literally leaving listeners waiting for more. There are two solutions to this.

1. Loop this sucker on iTunes and turn the 2:28 track into a full-on 15 minute disco anthem!

2. Wait for Silk Flower's upcoming LP, Ltd. Form, out on PPM in late January.