Nots, “Reactor”

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“Reactor” is the second cut from forthcoming record We Are Nots by the Memphis four-piece Nots. The single swells like volatile pressure cooker filled with rusting nails, bubbling with unbridled nerve through its wall built from pitch-bent guitar squeals, ‘70s post-punk bass and drums motoring down an open highway, and a synth garbling and warbling the sounds of a retro alien spaceship making its landing, but it is singer/guitarist Natalie Hoffman’s voice that exceeds nature’s conventional boiling point.

Assuming the guise of Kathleen Hanna with an affected British accent, Hoffman screams the song’s title over and over, calling anyone in her field of vision get the fuck out of the way or fall victim to their skuzzy assault. Memphis might find it difficult to shake their Elvis roots, but there’s something rotten in the state of Tennessee.

Stream the track below and look for their new record to be released on November 11 via Goner.