OTR releases the new track "Close" feat. Kai Straw

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Cincinnati based OTR, standing for “Over the Rhine”, blends velvety synths with warm bass to create a one of a kind vibe, on his latest track “Close.” Featuring elegant vocals from Kai Straw, the two individuals blend their musical talents in a beautiful manner. Ryan, the 25-year-old aerospace engineer-turned-producer behind OTR, had a bit of an interesting segue into the music world. After being selected for an internship in Kurashiki, Japan at the last minute, Ryan was immersed in a city where he knew no one and faced a huge language barrier. He turned to music and spent time on a keyboard he purchased and took trains into various cities in Japan. When he returned to the states and settled in Cincinnati, he continued to create his soothing brand of pop.

Regarding the track, OTR added, “I was really drawn to the chill, vibey instrumental that has kind of a crazy built up tension. Thankfully Kai’s vocals harnessed the tension in the chords super well.”

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