Papertwin, Vacation

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Papertwin’s 3rd official release–Vacation–is released today, and we’ve got your exclusive first listen. The EP is a beautiful collection of stunning melodies with hypnotic bass lines. Max Decker’s voice–strong, deep, and brooding–is enveloped in an almost other-worldly sound, from the first track “Tongue In Cheek”, to the slightly more ethereal–but strangely graphic–“The Sheets Are Made Of Skin And and my Skin Is Cloth”, to the lighter, more poppy third track “The Pool”.

The fourth song, “Montclair”, has a very interesting percussion element, reminiscent of your favorite Law & Order theme song. It even holds some resemblance to songs from the Broadway musical The Lion King. (Yup. We went there.) It’s a more delicate song than its predecessors, but there is something very tribal about it as well. “Deluge” is a clear mid-tempo dance track, reminding us very much of montage situations in 80s romance movies. Papertwin rounds out Vacation with “Gray is the Color”, a song that begins sans synth sounds and builds into a synth pop dream.

Are we fans? Yup. Should you be too? Decide for yourself. But we’ve got Papertwin’s back on this fun summer release.

Vacation is out now via Druyan Records.