Positioner – Possession Arrow

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

San Diego band blends indie and math rock on excellent latest LP

We previously covered Positioner when they dropped their single “Vines” a couple months back, and now the San Diego indie-math rock trio are back and have released their excellent new LP Possession Arrow. Comprised of singer-guitarist George Pritzker, bassist Jake Kelso, and drummer Drew Pelisek, Positioner fasten angular math rock riffs and pulsating rhythms, breathing life into intricate compositions and finely crafted songwriting that radiate technical brilliance and unique sonic flavor.

The album features a mix of instrumental tracks in addition to more traditional, lyrical indie rock and pop songs, and the entire album is concise and seamless from start-to-finish. Each track defies convention and flows into the next with an airtight sensibility, allowing the array of vocals and instrumentals to craft a musical narrative with plenty of emotional ebb and flow. As Pritzker’s assured vocals and dazzling riffage steer the ship, thematically, there’s a light and dark contrast that prevails through the sounds of Possession Arrow that keeps the listener guessing at every turn.

The album defies typical genre conventions as it also confronts heavy, impactful life moments, creating a mixture of emotions that persists throughout its entire runtime. On Bandcamp, Pritzker shared: “Becoming an uncle and losing a parent shaped how I moved forward in my life over the past several years, and how I’ve approached writing and arranging music. I experienced some extreme highs and lows in a concentrated period of time, and as a band we’ve tried to embrace both – the light and the dark, the playful and the difficult – in different ways through this album project.”

Possession Arrow is a bold step forward for Positioner, and they’ll look to touch more listeners’ ears as they play some shows in the coming months. They’ll be performing at Tower Bar in San Diego on 9/21 and Ichiban Fest in Dulzura, CA on 10/28; until then, you can purchase a digital copy of Possession Arrow HERE and stream it below: