Pregnant needs to pass the drugs

Blake Gillespie

Northern California's Pregnant is more of a hermit in a forest project than a bedroom project. Imagined by Daniel Trudeau, it's a special brand of weirdness that might come from living too close to the natural mushrooms in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Although there's no cause for concern, no one in or associated with the group is pregnant and on drugs, to our limited knowledge.

Pregnant, “What We All Know”

Pregnant, “One Thing To Be Sure Of”

Pregnant ranges from flipped and backspun circus music betwixt twinkling alien transmissions and heavy drone to pitch-shifted nursery folk mimicking a children's sing-a-long tape. The distortion hoversbetween genuine silliness to possessed insanity sheep-skinned in coyness.

Pregnant, “Be Gentle With Me”

Despite Trudeau's ability to muster up a joyful terror, he out-freaked himself with “There's A River,” which manages to keep the pitch shifted vocals out of the madness. Instead it's as though a quirky Canadian is featured on the track; think a delightful mix of Dan Bejar, Carey Mercer and Spencer Krug — all on estrogen pills.

Pregnant, “There's A River”

Pregnant is releasing two albums in the coming months. Ike Wimin will be out strictly as 12″ vinyl on KDVS Recordings, while Liquidation On Swans will be a tape release(possibly 12″) through Life's Blood.

See the weirdness live:
19 Funcastle, Sacramento, CA
23 N St. House Party, Sacramento, CA w/ Stag Hare, Silver Antlers and Afternoon Brother

19 Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA w/ Railcars

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