Pregnant, “Wiff of Father” +

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Pregnant's Regional Music received a vinyl pressing in October through Life's Blood and with that comes new videos of Daniel Trudeau performing and teaching a baby about pyromania, or perhaps it's a metaphorical house on fire.

Cinema Caldera crafted the visuals for “Wiff of Father”, taking a road trip to the secluded foothills to show a baby fire. He should have taught that baby about the curse of the white lighter. Capturing the use of a white lighter on film cannot be good juju, everyone involved in the filming should be extra cautious and say at least ten “hail mary's” to ward off bad karma.

Secondly we have Terroreyes, getting up in Trudeau's grill for a brief interview and performance, combining a back porch session in Placerville with a show Pregnant did at Bows & Arrows, a second hand shop in Midtown, Sacramento.

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