The Soft Underground – “Voicoder”

Post Author: Kaya Haskins

Meditative rockers unleash jangly, euphoric new jam

Headed up by artists Andrew McCarty and Charlie Hickey, The Soft Underground has displayed a special knack for larger sonic world-building, growing larger and more efficient with each subsequent release. Their latest, Anemoia, is a treatise on gratitude in the human experience, and today Impose is happy to be bringing you the premiere of its latest single “Voicoder.”

On the track, The Soft Underground set a hypnotic, meditative pace with pulsating rhythms as sparks fly up from the ethereal center. The duo’s prime Creation Records-era jangly guitars are on brilliant display as “Voicoder” builds towards a cathartic crescendo.

“‘Voicoder’ is about feeling the highest of the highs in the human experience, yet knowing life is ephemeral,” they explained. “When you’re in this state of euphoria, you can appreciate all facets of life, including the lows.”

Listen to The Soft Underground’s “Voicoder” below and look for Anemoia out November 1st here.