Pure Bathing Culture, “Pendulum”

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pure bathing culture

If you've ever driven down the PCH at sunset, you know what this new song from Pure Bathing Culture sounds like before you've even heard it. It's got that warm-toned, full-bodied feeling one feels during the magic hour, when the colors of the sky are vibrant and soft. With the vocal stylings of Sarah Verspille, layered in pretty reverb and mist, you've got yourself something as pleasantly idyllic as a jaunt along the coast. There are even notes of Fleetwood Mac in here, which only adds to the dreamy quality of their contribution, and as former members of Vetiver, we can see where these two got their wings.

Pure Bathing Culture's Moon Tides releases on August 19 in the UK on Memphis Industries and August 20 in the US through Partisan Records.