Queen Liz, "I Want You Right Now"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

2016 is in our rear view mirrors and it’s time to face 2017, whatever may come. Fortunately, it’s already bringing the perfect electro-pop ballad, in the form of Queen Liz’s “I Want You Right Now.” In 2016, Queen Liz treated us to standouts like “Freak Show” and “Into the Jungle,” but if her latest is a preview of what’s to come, she’ll be showering us with musical gifts.
“I Want You Right Now” is honest and spunky, exuding the confidence that Queen Liz consistently brings with her tracks. Singing of wishes and desires, Queen Liz portrays yearning in her own way, through a synth beat that hints at reggae and vocals that dabble in the realm of jazz. Listening like a child of Lorde and Jess Glynn, the track is velvety smooth and entrancing. Queen Liz leaves nothing unsaid, making us even more engaged.

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