Quicksilver Daydream, Echoing Halls

Post Author: Emily Chu

Singer songwriter Adam Lytle has a gothic folk alias, and that alias is Quicksilver Daydream. Brooklyn-based by way of Ohio, he has been working on his music for a long time, and with two previously released EP’s as a part of another group, Wild Leaves. But with Wild Leaves on a hiatus, he decided to pursue another extension of himself. Quicksilver Daydream has just released a brand new album, and we have the exclusive stream.
The album is called Echoing Halls, and it’s made up of 10 awesome tracks. It tells the tale of overcoming your limits and self-reliance, which is a lesson that is definitely important for everyone.
Here’s what Quicksilver Daydream had to say about the album:

I had just come out of a period of heavy obsession with what I now call ‘Sensual Psychedelic Music.’ Artists like Tim Buckley, Scott Walker (First 4 solo albums) and Gandalf. Songs that revel in a heightened state of sensory awareness, both emotional and physical. The romanticism of the lyrics paired with the baroque arrangement sounds like the work of a sorcerer casting his loving spell. I was interested in exploring this concept, but needed to find an access point that was uniquely mine.

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