Radamiz, "Oprah"

Post Author: Andre G

Radamiz is heating up along with his native New York’s forecast. His fans are anticipating the followup project to 2017’s Writeous album, and it seems like it’s coming soon – but first, the Mogul Club rhymer is giving us an appetizer of what to expect with the typically introspective “Oprah.” No, the track isn’t a trap record where he says “Oprah” 30 times in the hook, it’s a clever play on her “what is the truth” meme, where he implores people to be true to themselves and scorches “pro tools prostitutes” exploiting hip-hop.
Radamiz’ flow artfully unravels over the bass-driven Blank Noriega-produced track, showcasing his ability to weave pointed insights in assonant flurries. “You don’t rap, you just mask what you lack with a drug,” he rhymes. Oprah’s voice makes its way onto the record, as she notes “one of my true roles on earth is to be an inspiration and to help people connect to ideas that inspire and expands their vision of who they can be in the world” in a clip. Just like Radamiz, and that’s the truth.
You can stream “Oprah” below.