Rayo – “Aliyah”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Rising Congolese singer-songwriter unveils captivating new single

Rayo is a rising Congolese singer-songwriter whose style draws straight from his African roots, blending elements of rumba, soukous, and Afrobeat. He recently unveiled his captivating single “Aliyah,” which boasts a combination of powerful and dreamy vocals, endearing lyrics, and an all-encompassing message of love and appreciation.

Alongside the single, Rayo unveiled a gorgeous music video that demonstrates his unwavering passion for music and his African heritage. Beautiful shot, the video is a dreamy representation of his vision and talent, and personifies the themes and down-to-earth nature of the single. In “Aliyah,” Rayo flatters his lover’s ego, placing her on a pedestal while radiating his love of music, which he attributes to his upbringing by his wonderful mother. It’s an anthem for all lovers who want to flatter their companion’s ego or make beautiful promises.

“’Aliyah’ is a therapy for hearts, and a delight for ears,” he shared of the track.

Ultimately, Rayo’s music is unique blend of African and Western influences, making him one to watch in the music industry. You can give the video for “Aliyah” a spin below: