James Crowley – Vapour Trails

London-based singer-songwriter charms with meditative EP

James Crowley‘s latest EP Vapour Trails has captivated us with a mesmerizing blend of layered guitar melodies and emotive vocals. As a London-based singer-songwriter, Crowley has once again demonstrated his ability to enchant listeners with his music.

The EP features standout tracks like “Kerosene” and “By You,” both of which offer a meditative experience through Crowley’s skillful fingerpicking on the guitar. With his inspirational lyrics, Crowley delves into the initial optimism that comes with being in a relationship, before exploring the depths of a person and their true nature in “Kerosene.” Meanwhile, “By You” takes listeners on an intimate journey towards finding happiness and letting light in.

Crowley’s vocal talent shines on this EP as he seamlessly transitions between his gentle head voice and powerful chest voice. With his dynamic range, he effectively conveys a wide swath of emotions throughout the project, allowing listeners to connect with his music on a deeper level.

“Writing Vapour Trails was a way of trying to understand what I’m leaving behind in the world. We are constantly making artifacts of what it means to be human, from the relationships we form to the lasting memories and impressions we make on the people around us,” he shared of the EP. “I sifted through these artifacts: fragments, memories and conversations to get to know myself better and to get closer to the version of myself that other people see. And I know now the only answer is to keep feeling and keep making.”

Give James Crowley’s Vapour Trails a spin below: