Rich Moms releases Pousse Mort/Macabre split tape

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On this dark day in history, as the news unravels about the death of Baroness Thatcher, and everyone is at each other's gullets about who should care about her death and who shouldn't, the real focus is in the fact that iron-willed ladies can die. That being said, we think we've found the perfect soundtrack for the finality of death, the darkness and inevitability of the doom that finds us all, even the ones protected by a landmark twenty-year stamp on history of debatable morality. And when we hear this music, we know we're all going to die. But maybe in a maelstrom of disco lights as they pump brightly on our gateway river-ride to hell. The release comes from Bordeaux, France natives Pousse Mort and Macabre, the second taking claim to a name not entirely representative of their melody-dense noise pop sound, and the tape is releasing on Rich Moms today.

You can take a listen to the strobing, pulsing digital doom-makers on the track “Human Skin Jacket” below and their companions-in-tape-distribution, Macabre, on the shiny, fuzzy “Icaro” beneath that. You can order the cassette here.