Rioux, “Replicant Mix”

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Since May began with Connect recording artist DADRAS and his “Cool Summer Mix” (still in season, btw), why not exit the month with Connect founder Rioux?

The Brooklyn-based experimental producer released the Evolver EP in early May, the collection employing a style that recognizes inspiration and evolution comes from within. Did Rioux set to build a better version of himself through bioengineering and memory transmissions? It’s possible. Rioux takes the axiom “if I knew then what I know now” literally on both the Evolver EP and his contribution to the Friday Night mix series. The “Replicant Mix” is Rioux-revisited; his former self stored in recordings dating back to his first release. He extends this process that informed the Evolver EP into his “Replicant Mix”. Though the tracklisting includes sparse Rioux productions and reworks, his words below offer insight into his thinking:

Replicant is a mix consisting of stems and samples from my recently released record Evolver and music I’ve been listening to while making it. Once I began this process of self-sampling, I went further and brought in sounds from some long lost productions of mine as well as works from Here Comes Now and System Preferences.

Rioux’s Evolver EP is out now on Connect.