Runrummer – “ILGH”

Aidan Grant

South London electronic pop artist drops sparkling new left-field track

Growing up in Birmingham before moving to a number of different cities in the UK, 25-year-old singer-songwriter Runrummer has always followed her own creative path.

Idolizing Bowie and Kate Bush growing up, she like many artists found an outlet for escape in music. Writing about the experiences around her brought her comfort, and she soon found her niche in writing about serious issues in the context of upbeat, left-field pop gems.

Her latest offering is the aptly named “I Like Getting High (But Not All The Time)”. Based around a solid 4×4 drum pattern, it’s a track that leans on electronic music with enough pop sensibilities to fit into the mainstream space.

“ILGH is all about the struggles faced by independent artists in the modern world. Trying to establish yourself as a serious musician whilst holding down a steady job which pays the bills can be a real challenge,” Runrummer shared. “They’re worlds which often clash. Stress, anxiety and depression can feel all-encompassing, whilst drugs and alcohol can feel like an easy release. It’s about striking a good balance, acknowledging what’s good for you and moving forward.”

Listen to it below.


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