Aidan Grant

Tragic Sasha – “Bottle It Up”

Merrick Winter – “Veneer”

Sunnbrella – “A Week Or So”

scott is okay – Realizing How To Act in Certain Instances

Volleyball – Kitua Fortune EP

Monét Ngo – “Strawberry Fields”

EVER – There’s Nothing Small About You EP

Voidie – Claustrophobic EP

Relive – Sounds of the New Era EP

Coumarin – “New Descent”

Suave Punk – “Dust Bunny”

Melt! Festival is one of Europe’s best kept secrets

Godly the Ruler – “Midwest”

Finnegan Tui – Zephyr EP

Robot Koch – The Next Billion Years (Foam and Sand Reworks)

CARR – TV Boyfriends

PSYENCE – “So High”

Mogli – RAVAGE

Malcolm Parson – Letters From Home

Suave Punk – “Petals”

AstroModa – Unchained EP

Berlin’s Melt! Festival finalizes lineup with all COVID restrictions lifted in Germany

Godly The Rule – Dog Days EP

Chasing Luma – “Motions”

BAWK’s Jesper Nordernström – “Fairy”

Tom Ashbrook – ‘KO:DA’ EP

AstroModa – “Leave Me Alone”

Bad Pop – ‘Psych Pedal’

Daigo Hanada – ‘Satori’

CARR – “Bed Head”

Máni Orrason – “Coffin”

Bleak Soul – “Denver 2015”

Aderyn – “Yearning”

Props – “Dream On”

Office for Personal Development – “You Are In Control”

Mogli – ‘Bones’ EP

Queen Cult – “Calm”

Emma Philine – ’17 2 20′

Godford – ‘I YOU SHE’

BLYNE – ‘Ethereal’

Tommy Lefroy – ‘Flight Risk’

Lila Drew – “Crystal Ball”

Mogli – “The Current”

Cyrano – ‘Consolations’ EP

INUDE – “Noisy Floor, Silent Room”

Kev Koko – “Roof”

Kat Frankie – “Shiny Things”

Tommy Lefroy – “Vampires”

The Pulsebeats – “(She Sings Like) Joey Ramone”

Dr Orange – “W.C.B.T.”