BLYNE – ‘Ethereal’

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Berlin electronic pop duo conjures dreamy, reverb-laced soundscapes on new EP

Berlin-based electro-pop duo BLYNE has released their second studio EP Ethereal. The record displays the duo’s uniqueness in blending ambient new-age synths with pure acoustic guitars, at times conjuring a sonic midpoint between Aphex Twin and The Beatles. The project is full of feel-good moments driven by infectious vocal hooks and joyful synth melodies.

Record opener “Breathe” introduces the album as a mystical and intriguing piece of art, with elegant vocals and snowballing synths. Standout tracks include the MGMT-inspired electronic pop banger “Randomness,” which recently found itself topping the HypeMachine. Their mission: “To convey their own definition of contemporary Pop Music.” BLYNE are certainly achieving this on tracks like “Religion” and “Drum n Heaven” with their lush vocal delivery, propulsive synths and reverby production.  

“Our vision for the EP was to reflect on big and timeless topics of love, spirituality and the experience of dream logic,” the duo shared. “At some point we decided to embrace the weirdness sinking into our own idea of what it means to be producing human pop music.“

Give it a spin below: