Sunnbrella – “A Week Or So”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

London-based band unveils warm, intimate new pop-infused track

Following the release of his latest single “Wrong,” Sunnbrella has released his latest single “A Week Or So” which boasts an intimate and enigmatic sound into his already warming pop sound. Frontman David Zbirka’s journey stems from his earlier 2018 release Feelin’ Invisible which was produced alongside LA-based musician Eyedress, followed by Wanted Time, the band’s debut EP released in early 2019. That same year saw Zbirka touring around Australia and New Zealand drumming for Golf Alpha Bravo and supporting Angus Stone’s new project Dope Lemon on their sold out tour. 

Written alongside band member Clair Peng, Zbirka shared: “this song was the first time Claire and I wrote together and she eventually joined the live band because of this collaboration. We both approached the writing from different places, but I think in general, the song is about getting out of a toxic relationship and seeing all the red flags that you missed while you were in it.”

Give Sunnbrella’s “A Week Or So” a spin below: