scott is okay – Realizing How To Act in Certain Instances

Post Author: Aidan Grant

London musician unveils electrifying experimental pop EP

London-based singer-songwriter and producer scott is okay has released his highly anticipated EP Realizing How To Act In Certain Instances. Released via Yada Yada Records, the new record is an intricate body of work that demonstrates his own unique style and blend of laid-back lo-fi pop music with elements of experimental electronics throughout. 

Realizing explores a theme of change and more importantly understanding and accepting it, whilst not being afraid. He writes “I finished everything and looked at the EP, what was I trying to say? A common theme of lack of communication, not being able to articulate myself and all the anxieties surrounding that started to form – and that’s when I wrote the final song ‘Waiting for My Turn to Speak’ and it felt like it tied everything up.”

The project that stretches over six vibrant tracks is made purely from the experimentation with his production – occasionally throwing the off-kilter and yet majestic sonic curveball. The opening track “Bad Habits” plays somewhat like a Bon Iver track, with electronic glitchy moments – therapeutic yet electrifying and explosive sounds – though with a unique presence here. The EP finds its more lofi moments in hazy glitchy track “Bleep Test” while “Waiting for My Turn To Speak” sees scott lyrically wear his heart on his sleeve over a dark-pop indie instrumental.

Speaking on the process behind the new EP, scott is okay shared: “This EP really was a labor of love. I had no idea what I wanted to do after an already failed and unfinished attempt of an EP before this one. I pretty much finished writing and recording all the songs in a short period of time, but it was over a year of tinkering and refining things people probably wouldn’t even notice. It was a lesson in a way, to just trust my instinct when creating.”

You can give it a spin below: