Monét Ngo – “Strawberry Fields”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Vietnamese-American artist & school teacher conjures unique blend of indie rock and hyperpop

Monét Ngo is the school teacher you wish you had – an alternative rock artist who’s breaking boundaries with his new cross genre track “Strawberry Fields” – which emerges from an 2000s alternative-indie rock track into a modern day heart-throbbing hyperpop song. The Vietnamese-American artist/school teacher uses soft sounds at the start which descend into a unique blend of electronic synthesis, rock-styled chords, vocal pitching and expressive drum beats. 

“’Strawberry Fields’ is about a time in my life where I was living out of my car with my ex-girlfriend,” Monét Ngo shared. “We were in an unstable housing situation and had nowhere else to sleep except my 2004 Toyota Camry. In the song I reflect on these weird transitional periods in my life, finding myself wanting to go back to that time. The song pays homage to The Beatles ;Strawberry Fields Forever’ using strawberry fields as a metaphor for a memory that you hold deeply in your heart.”

Strawberry Fields is out now on all streaming platforms. You can listen to it below: