Props – “Dream On”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Rising singer-songwriter blends indie rock and bedroom pop on fantastic new single

Hailed by Sir Elton John himself, Props‘ latest self-produced track is a snappy indie bop that gets better with every listen. “Dream On” finds the singer-songwriter exploring the value and need for self-love while taking a dig at the dangers of “lad culture.” The track comes through the perspective of “a self-absorbed protagonist who meets someone on an app and decides they’re the one. The feeling is not reciprocated.” Armed with vibrant and catchy guitar lines, Props has found his own lane blending indie rock sonics with the best elements of bedroom indie pop. 

When asked about the new single, Props shared that “Dream On” tells the all-too-familiar story of “liking someone, them not liking you, you trying harder, them still not liking you, your mates telling you to stop trying and you realizing you should probably stop trying.”

Give it a spin below: