Sam Huber, "Turn Around"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Sam Huber has spent over twenty years as his alter ego, lead singer Rick Lover in the Finnish funk group Eternal Erection.  Now, he has a solo project entitled “Turn Around” which is also the name of his forthcoming EP.  “Turn Around” is a song that mashes up funk, rap, and soul into a fresh sound that you probably don’t have on your playlist yet.  ‘“The elements have always been here,” Huber explains in flawless English that’s colored subtly by his Nordic lilt. “But it’s like the Legos I played with as a kid—the excitement is in finding new ways to combine those elements.”’
With a voice that seems to be channeling David Johansen, Huber sings his verses with energy and venom:  “I don’t care about the consequences / I’m the meanest SOB on the planet / It feels so good when I shake you down.”  Conversely, the chorus is moral compass:  “Wait a minute turn around/ Turn around/ People can’t you see what’s going down/ Stop the madness all around.”  It makes for an interesting listen.

The EP is out this Friday via True Groove Records. Keep up with Sam here.