Serendipity – “My Own Queen”

Jeff Cubbison

Southern California singer-songwriter unleashes stunning empowerment anthem

Serendipity is an indie singer-songwriter from southern California who crafts poignant, confessional music tracing her journey of love, loss, and self-empowerment. Having cut her teeth in the slam poetry scene, she possesses a sharp perspective and a knack for vivid lyricism that parses the path of adulthood in today’s ever-changing landscape of expectation and desire. Today, we’re thrilled to premiere her phenomenal first single “My Own Queen” off her forthcoming debut album Honey, which comes out on December 11.

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Here, Serendipity’s pure, soothing voice absolutely floats over a sparse guitar riff, lifting the track to searing thematic and emotional heights. She coaxes forth an incredibly intimate mood – one that invites viewers to tune out all other forces in order to zone out to her soul-bearing sonic style. “I’m letting go of what doesn’t serve me/ I’m letting my heart beat/ I’m setting my soul free/ You can’t control me/ I am my own queen,” she croons, full of passion and intention. “My Own Queen” is a subtle, heartfelt ballad, an infectious female empowerment anthem, and a powerful ode to self-love and self-respect.

Honey arrives on December 11 and promises to be a compelling and poetic listen that lays bare Serendipity’s impulses and vulnerabilities. When that album drops, we’ll be sure to bring you full coverage. In the meantime, listen to “My Own Queen” below.

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